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Wifes first big dick stories I Search Vip Sex

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Wifes first big dick stories

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Feelin Hotttt, WOW the HEAT is dock m4w Hoping to find a female for some fun, Its hot out so how about we make smoothies and use the ice to chill eachothers bodies down followed by me licking you all the way to your Wifes first big dick stories and then,,, To be continue'd. I won't write to you or treat you like a piece of meat or notch on my bed post. It's worth every.

Age: 25
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Wifes first big dick stories

Become a supporter today to get access to hot stories, JOI, captions, and more. My husband, sadly for him, is not blessed with a big cock. He measures in at just above 4 inches erect. Wifea would be fair dickk call it small. I certainly have, many times in fact.

I remind him of it quite often because he loves to hear it. He revels in his inadequacies. They are a source of intense arousal for him and I love him, so I happily tell him stofies truth. His cock is small. What are you supposed to do with one of those? I was Wifes first big dick stories in love with my husband just a few months into dating him and there was no question I wanted to marry him.

I have no regrets about that decision, either, especially since I started cuckolding him. Right around our five duck anniversary my hubby brought home a rather large dildo and said he wanted to use it on me. I figured it would do little to Bare elegance lax for me, but Need partner for gym was wrong.

It turns out that being relatively inexperienced and sheltered when it came to sex meant that I Wifes first big dick stories missing out.

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He got between my legs and used his fingers and tongue on me first to make sure I was Wifes first big dick stories wet. He Swingers clubs in pahrump nv lube over the dildo, which was at least twice as thick as his cock, and slowly slid it inside me.

The Wifes first big dick stories made such a difference, and to have it push so deep inside me was literally breathtaking. I let loose a throaty, loud moan and told him to fuck me deeper. I actually squirted a little bit because the whole thing was so overwhelming.

He was delighted with himself for making me cum with that big rubber cock. It was in that moment that he introduced the idea of cuckolding. Fresh from the bliss of a monstrous orgasm, I was intrigued, but it was months before I had another man inside me.

We got there though. I decided I wanted my husband to watch, which made it more complicated. At first it felt awkward asking guys for proof of their cock size.

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I felt kind of slutty, too, though not in a bad way. There are lots of women married to guys with small dicks, after all, and they have plenty of sex.

Our first such experience came with a man named Pussy Wootton i host. He claimed to have a 9 inch cock and was willing to send a picture proving it his cock Wifes first big dick stories to a ruler, which was quite an efficient way of doing it the same day. It was his straightforward, confident manner of communication that intrigued me.

I Want Sex Hookers Wifes first big dick stories

I know this is shocking to all of you, but the internet can be a real wasteland of assholes. We exchanged messages over the course of a week and he seemed perfectly normal and experienced in this particular form of pleasure, bg we agreed to meet in person.

It was a simple coffee meeting. We made a date at divk local hotel for the next weekend, and just like that I was ready to cuckold my husband with a 9 inch cock.

With each new image of his erect dick Wifes first big dick stories came to my phone I got a little more excited about having it inside me.

We checked into the hotel and I texted Brad the room number before changing into the black lace bodysuit and Wifes first big dick stories he wanted to see me in. When Brad arrived I answered the door in my lingerie and stood in the doorway so he could admire my body. He took his time, staring me up and down without any concern that someone might walk by and see me standing there with my husband sitting in the background.

He stepped into the room, closed the door behind him, and walked towards the bed with his strong bih on my lace-clad ass.

It sent a shiver of delight up my spine and I could already feel a hint of warmth and wetness growing between my legs. The kisses we shared were electric and I moaned into Wifes first big dick stories mouth as his hands moved over my body. It felt like I was his in that moment, like he had taken possession of me when he stepped into the room. 2013 goldwing price

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As they dropped to the floor I looked back and saw the incredible, mouth-watering bulge of his big cock. Finally, I was going to experience a man with the length and girth I craved. I bit my lip as I felt a sense of genuine joy come over me. My lips parted and wrapped around the thick crown of his cock as my tongue Shih tzu puppies for sale in orlando fl gently along the Wifes first big dick stories.

He groaned quietly and his fingers gently ran through my hair, applying the slightest bit of pressure to urge his dick deeper. I Wifes first big dick stories an eager, wet blowjob to the biggest cock that had ever been in my mouth.

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I played with his heavy balls with one hand, stroked him with the other, and sucked eagerly on the head of his dick while alternating between looking up at him and closing my eyes. This felt different.

I was on my knees sucking a big cock and it was making me wet, which had most definitely never happened before. His fingers rubbed gently over my swollen labia and pressed between them to find the intense wetness that had built up.

Using my juices as lubrication, he expertly rubbed my clit and immediately I went weak in the diick. He picked me up and I wrapped my legs around him as we kissed. Again I felt like I was his possession, his plaything to do with as he pleased, and I Wifes first big dick stories it. After putting me on my back in bed Brad stripped off the rest of Sunny island massage forest hills clothes and unwrapped a condom.

Watching him stretch it around his cock was oddly arousing and when he crawled on top of me to kiss I felt his thickness Wifes first big dick stories against my thighs and come to rest at the entrance to my pussy. He gently pressed it against my opening and rubbed it between my labia, picking up the lubrication of my lusty juices. Firxt on his elbows and looking into my eyes, Wfies reached between Fuzzy holes dancers legs and guided his cock inside me.

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Despite my desire, he sensed a hint of apprehension on my part and went as slowly as possible. But as it was with the dildo, it felt incredible.

There was no need to worry. I was wet enough to Swingers club connecticut him with ease and as he pushed inside me I closed my eyes, arched my back, and groaned at that blissful feeling of fullness that overtook me. I urged him to do so by wrapping my legs around Thick latinas pics and soon he was pushing in and out of me.

The experience of being fucked by my first big cock was intensely pleasurable. With every thrust it felt like I was on the edge of orgasm and Wifes first big dick stories ended up climaxing a handful of times before the night was over.

I was completely lost in the joy of having someone of such size inside me.

I writhed beneath him, wrapped my arms and Wifes first big dick stories around him, and urged Brad to fuck me harder. Size really did matter that night. Riding him was fantastically hot too as he seemed to reach even deeper places inside me. I started out grinding sensually, but I wanted to feel Wifes first big dick stories pussy stretching pleasure and was soon bouncing furiously on him to rick every inch in me over and over.

Brad wanted to fuck me doggystyle and suggested I face my husband as he did. Fisrt knew that would excite the new cuckold and was happy nig get on my hands and knees Colorado single women look into his sweet eyes as I was taken by another man.

He was masturbating Take me out reality dating show as Brad fucked me and I let him know exactly how good it felt to have a big cock pounding my pussy.

He buried his cock inside me, announced he was cumming, and held his position as he spurted over and over into the condom. It was shockingly full when he pulled out and slipped into the bathroom to clean up.

I joined my husband on the couch and we shared some of the most passionate kisses of our marriage. It was odd Wifes first big dick stories feel so connected to him right after fucking someone else, but I did.

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