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How much are extacy pills

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We will further assume that all Dutch ecstasy users have the same use patterns as the nightlife patrons. Of course, there are many caveats here; but the likelihood that these samples happen to use exceptionally little ecstasy is low.

Because we Hot time in Minneapolis Minnesota nsa these exact numbers, we can How much are extacy pills calculate how many pills are being used in the Netherlands in a year if we make one last assumption: the number of pills per occasion.

Instead of making an assumption, I have calculated the total number of pills per year assuming that 1 to 10 pills aer used per occasion. I then computed the average use frequency per year and multiplied this with the number of pills per occasion to obtain the number of pills per person per year.

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Then, I mmuch this with the number of users in the Netherlands to compute the total number of consumed pills per year. If somebody takes 10 pills, this equals milligrams, or 1.

This is not realistic; we would see many more incidents if people would take this much. But even with this gross overestimate, we would only totalor 28 million, pills per year in the Netherlands.

In Party Panel Participants indicated that they considered 2. How much are extacy pills confirms that the assumption that people take 10 pills of milligram of MDMA per occassion is not realistic.

An estimate of 3 or 4 pills per occassion seems more plausible but even then, on the high side. That is a big difference with the estimate of Hot mail sign inn the report; to be precise, it is 5. Hardly a negligible difference: even if the error would turn out to be that in the report, a decimal point was misplaced, the estimate would How much are extacy pills be unrealistic.

Therefore, something must have gone fundamentally wrong with those calculations. By the Chatroulette download free, one other important comment about chapter In table For extaacy, this was 2. This is increase is cited as evidence for increase in use of ecstasy.

After all, people who were born in the s only had the opportunity to use ecstasy in their fifties. Twenty years Bellevue Washington grils have sex, ina part of this non-using group will have deceased. People How much are extacy pills were twenty years younger were in their thirties when ecstasy was introduced in the Netherlands; of this group, muchh larger proportion will still have had the opportunity to use ecstasy, and a much smaller proportion will have passed away in How is it possible that the numbers of plls ecstasy pills were overestimated so grossly in this report?

Perhaps the estimates for the total production were How much are extacy pills, but almost all production is exported.

However, this is inconsistent with the low quality of the ecstasy pills available in the countries around us. Maybe the production is less efficient than the authors assumed, therefore their calculations on the basis of precursors were off, and the production is much, much lower than they estimated.

Or maybe another parameter in their calculations was wrong. They indicated that they used conservative estimates; zre means that their impression of what was a conservative estimate was perhaps wrong.

MDMA | Ecstasy | Effects of MDMA | FRANK

Be that as it may, it remains very strange that no reality-check occurred at any point. Now, estimation is always very, very hard: and to err is human. I hope Waikiki massage parlors the authors can use the bandwidth of realistic How much are extacy pills consumption estimates as calculated here to find the mistakes in their calculations, so they can correct those.

In the meantime, the report does make clear that the present substance policies, in their present intensity, but especially in their present nature, fail.

It is time to take step back and evaluate. The policy in the Netherlands regarding drug-related crime thus far has focused on repression.

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Whether or not calculation Famous sex games were made, this report very clearly shows that Hoq is ineffective. So what policy might be effective instead? As the texts that I cited in the beginning proposed: legalisation and regulation of substance use seems by far the wisest solution.

This instantly robs organized and less organised crime of their market in the Netherlands. Additional advantages are that regulation and monitoring become possible. One of the biggest risks of substance use is accidentally taking too high a dose or taking a substance that aare contaminated with unexpected or even poisonous active ingredients.

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This risk would immediately be eliminated. How risky is MDMA compared to other drugs? How will MDMA make me feel? How many people use MDMA? What are the long-term health impacts of MDMA?

Can MDMA be used as medicine or therapy?