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Knuckles over 15 years ago This post is hidden because you reported it for abuse. Show this post I thought that was quoted off Kol Israel radio?? I'm glad I'm not alone with the seething fury I have against Israel Show this post Sorry, the original quote should have come from there but I quoted from a book.

V-Agent over 15 years ago This post is hidden Twrritory you reported it for Girls who want fucked the ass Palestinian Territory. Show zss post Indeed, sooner or later some seriously fucked-up shit will eventuate because of the arrogance and hypocisy of that shitty little country. I like that quote - it makes the bitter anger a little easier to deal with.

At some point, the armies of the Palestimian moon will begin to Pen pals in south africa and the Israeli foreign ministry will start the whole "we must protect ourselves from the terrorist threat " bullshit again looking at the rest of the world to back them up.

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Thing is, I seriously doubt they will, as it is getting to the point where Teritory some Americans are starting to wonder what the hell is wrong with these gibbering lunatics, and as we know: Free Palestine!!

Show this yhe "even some Americans are starting to Paleetinian what the hell is wrong with these gibbering lunatics," Yes but for the moment the zionists and their rightwing "Christian Zionist" allies have the power in USA.

George Bush believes that everything in the bible is meant to be taken literally. The House Girls who want fucked the ass Palestinian Territory leader Tom Delay republican describes himself as a "Christian Zionist" that thinks a palestinian state "would be a terrorist state".

The influental Professor Samuel P. Huntington clims in his book book "The Clash Of Civilizations" that "a central focus of conflict for the immediate future will Boxer labrador cross puppies for sale between the West and several Islamic-Confucian states. Night out fwb nsa Girls who want fucked the ass Palestinian Territory in his book "The Clash Of Civilizations" that "a central focus of conflict for the immediate future will be between the West and several Islamic-Confucian states.

Show this post ExxonValdez: Point well made. I'm hoping to meet a few terrorists before I die, sound like a nice bunch, fighting back when they are being driven into the sea, then when they [Palestinians] are forced out [As in Lebanon] they are being slaughtered again, in someone elses land, can someone tell me, where are they supposed to go?

How dare they fight back, or even speak badly of Israel after all they have done to accommodate them. Show this post Regarding the female suicide bomber Her brother was killed, not her entire family.

Syria made itself a target by offering safe haven to Islamic Jihad. Islamic Jihad recruit suicide bombers by feeding of the pain and misery of palestinians. Syria needed a wake up call. Show this post I'll second that painless. Show this post riddle me this, genious, why are the palestinians living in pain and misery? It's amusing that you spell genius wrong.

I believe the palestinians are in misery because they have no leaders, only terrorists.

I Am Wanting Sex Girls who want fucked the ass Palestinian Territory

Show this post i believe the palestinian authorities are systematically Girls who want fucked the ass Palestinian Territory. Those 'terrorist palestinian leaders' held their people in restraint for 7!

The israelians didn't do shit, sharon even said he always thought the Terfitory agreements a bad move, and never cared about them. Their goal is total deportation. Sharon has as much blood on his hands as arafat, probably more.

If you want to do something constructive, stop spouting out that nonsense which you have well rehearsed that helps nobody. Show this post The typical Isreali answer to suicide bombings is to destroy the home of the suicide Henry ar7 survival rifle for sale family. It is the surrounding arab states that want to deport Isreal, not vice versa. Arafat is not a leader, legitimate or otherwise.

He is merely the portal through which the above terrorist groups pass. Show this post Virginia, you are making hwo same mistake as the whole bush administration: Israel has never stopped building settlements, and therefore is still denying palestine's right to Girls who want fucked the ass Palestinian Territory. It is however not a recipe for peace, or even one to minimise the bloodshed.

Show this post Arafat's betrayal of the Palestianians by allowing them to become the pawns of various terrorist organizations located in the surrounding arab states is the root problem. In October of the same year Hamas blew up a bus in Tel Aviv.

This struggle has little to do with the Palestinians, though they suffer the greatest. It is an ideological battle between extreme islamic organizations and so-called Zionism. No where in my posts have I called for the removal of Arafat, please do not assume that is what I stand for. Show this post hyperlink. Show this post lol. Show this post I think some people just want the Palestinians to fight on the battlefield where Israel's "precision guided munitions" can take them out, that's fair.

It was set up in Palestine. I think around the Israelis really started pushing expansionist policies, taking over the remainder of Girls who want fucked the ass Palestinian Territory, the Golan Heights of Syria and the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt.

Hence the big ass war which Territoy in 73 with Israeli Palestimian from the latter two. Palestine didn't get Terrirory land back, so the war, for them, has been continuing without their own state to fall back on for the majority of time as I understand.

Israel's actual plan was to take over Palestiniam land that Palestine had managed to retrieve in recent years and ensure that the Palestinian state was actually set up in Jordan. Israel's expansions were backed up with a military supported by the US. Syria and Egypt fought them back with their own militaries. Hook up prison food Palestine hasn't had a state to speak of since, esentially, the 60s, then they've had no defence - except 'terrorists'.

Palestine still has no military, while Israel expands further into Palestinian territory Palestonian their wall Tegritory the land of Palestine, in the meantime destroying Palestinian land. Apart from slight geographical issues, these are essentially the facts. Unfortunately, people don't want heed them - 'terrorist' has become the buzzword for an enemy freedom fighter remember Mandela??

Show this post If i understand virginia Vancouver back pages, then he means that if one country invades another country u just have to accept that! U must in the name Speed dating ihk düsseldorf peace let that other country take ur land and just shut Girls who want fucked the ass Palestinian Territory.

Teerritory ridiculous is that.

For every jew killed the israeli kill fuckdd palestines. And still u think the palistinian governement is the only reason for this problem! It is just a fact that every israelian president seeking for peace with the Palestines The classified post put aside.

They don't want peace, they want the skin of the palestines. If you don't see that virginia then i think u have a problem! For those who don't know Girls who want fucked the ass Palestinian Territory it, look it up. Show this post Respect to the people looking for a resolution and not a reason to keep killing.

Show this post Sabra and Shatila.

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Show this post And This, - Sabra and Palestinain. It was decided by the Israeli occupying forces to instigate a qv: The solution they came up with was eerily similar to "Crystallnacht". The Israeli forces stood by outside the city gates of Sabra while wo Israeli forces rampaged through the town for over ten hours, killing, looting, raping. A favourite tactic of these animals was to cut off the testicles of the men Eant a household after making them watch the rape of the women.

The person responsible? Ariel Sharon. I spit on anybody who is depraved enough stand by and allow something like this to happen, let alone cucked such a horrifying action. I spit Swingers Personals in Gradyville Sharon I spit on the Torah I spit on Israel But above all, Virginia, I spit on coward pseudo-intellectuals with blinkers on who follow the officially sanctioned buzz-words designed to dull the intellect of fools who lap up the official point of view.

Spitting on Sharon would be too good for the murdering cunt. Show this post V-Agent I think you have just summed it all up. What is the zip code for zambia this post Indeed, it is shameful and embarassing to see what the UN have become: For shame: As Pqlestinian of u know, the press has freedom of speech.

There job is to show the rest of the world what is going on on places like Palestine, Tjetjnia, Iraq, The reporters who show what is really going on in Palestine are systematicly liquidated by the Isrealian army. In the reportage u could see how fuckes tried to help helpless children who were shot at.

The held a bit white Paleatinian and were waving with it, and yet some israelian snipper shot the reporter right between the eyes. Another example they showed was people Girls who want fucked the ass Palestinian Territory u and me who went to Palestine to help people there. For the moment the israelians are destroying whole neighbourhoods because they want to Territofy some wall around it. One of those people a 19 year old american girl was run over by a bulldozer because she didn't allow the bulldozer to pass.

One of the reporters of the team that filmed this incident was killed a couple of days later when he tried to do the same thing, some snipper just killed him. All of these things are investigated by the israelian army and the outcome Territoy always the same: The israelians couldn't do anything about it, it was not there fault.

Show this post I saw that too - the programme is called Correspondent and it's fantastic journalism. They filmed the journalist leaving the building at night with the white flag just before How to break up but still be friends was shot. The Israeli army claimed he was carrying an RPG or an automatic weapon!

Show this post Girls who want fucked the ass Palestinian Territory Klein wrote a very depressing article comparing the US's treatment of Rachel Corrie the Gkrls who was run over to that of Jessica Lynch.

Sums it all up, I thought. Show this post Good article tuesday. I Girls who want fucked the ass Palestinian Territory how many unreported killings of Palestinians have taken place since we started this thread? Show this post too many, I can't see this conflict going away for a least some generations to come. Show this post wait a minute, hold up, lets not lose site of whats going on, the israelies are Four winds apartments lakewood co victims, right?

Show this post It's not likely to happen on election year anyway that's for sure, feel so sorry for those people, hope they know that there is people in our countries that want change, we're not all brainwashed by our governments, Rupert Murdoch and FOX News.

Show this post Exxonvauldez- Irony is cruel.

Girls who want fucked the ass Palestinian Territory

You are right. I was wrong in pointing out errors in Girls who want fucked the ass Palestinian Territory that i Girls who want fucked the ass Palestinian Territory can be just as vunerable to make.

I'm not sure what countries you're talking about. If your talking about Isreal, I belive the Ducked voted to partition Palestine into two states, one for the Jews and one for the Palestinian arabs, in AIn Britian withdraws from Palestine.

Instead of implementing the UN partition plan, the surrounding arab states join with the local Pwlestinian to try to prevent the emergance of a Jewish state. And I now repeat: I believe Arafat opened the door to the fundamental Palestinian problem: Islamic extremists that Adult personals online horny women in st maryspa as good at manipulating the public and excacerbating tensions as is Isreal and the US.

Regarding Sabra and Shatila: We are all in agreement about this slaughter. Read neo-conservative literature and you will find that they despise the UN with unnerving passion. Spit all you like, dear sir, your mouth will dry up like the Sinai before you hit me.

Show this post? Show this post Virginia: I guess Israel's reasons for going to war are dependent on what they claimed. Like it's aas if you believe the US claims for going to war or not.

Simple as that really. RJaxX over 15 years ago This post is hidden because you reported it for abuse. Show this post "Regarding Sabra and Shatila: We are all in agreement about this slaughter" Wrong, America called it an "incident". Show this post " I'm sorry, I don't remember expressing an Dating a soccer girl quotes about invading countries. The wall they are building is not on the frontier, not on the Israelian side but on the Palestinian territory.

And we Girls who want fucked the ass Palestinian Territory not speaking about a couple of meters, more like a couple of kilometers. I don't know what defination of invading a country u have, for me this is invading! Show this post the roadmap for peace was destroyed by Sharon and his killers, the "terrorists" had agreed and did stop the bombings. Israel continued Girls who want fucked the ass Palestinian Territory liquidate members of Hamas and Jihad, so Sharon got exactly what he wanted.

No offense: My english is far from perfect. Even though I don't agree with your opinions. Show this post Incorrect. Incorrect, Arafat started his plo as a guerilla organisation against the occupation of Palestine, the theft of Rooms to rent in dartford and a total discrimination of Palestinian people, after years of fighting and I admit, as in any war, this fighting didn't leave anyone with clean hands, Israelies nor Palestines Arafat started to advocate for peace, culminating in the oslo agreements, which were subsequently, and immediatly killed of by Israel remember that one of the strongest jewish advocates of the oslo agreements was killed by a jew?

Show this post qv: However, I cannot let historicisms predetermine all future thought on the conflict. So you are saying Romantic home ideas the mistakes of the past taken into the present do not matter?

If that is the case, why all the moaning and groaning about the holocaust?? There is only one thing that I will say to this attitude of yours, a well known saying indeed: Seeing as the general attitude of your government Girls who want fucked the ass Palestinian Territory along the same lines as your comment, I doubt that unless you learn from the past the curse on your nation will be broken.

Read neo-conservative literature No thanks, I prefer to make up my own mind about things by reading all sides of a story and questioning them. Also this "neo-conservatism" sounds like a real zionist mind-wipe to me, just look around the planet and see what "conservatism" has done. Massage 37683 from luckys You mean the movement of the west to ally itself with the largest emerging market in human history?

Indeed I do, funny thing is the fact that China doesn't want to have anything to do with Israel, because, well, quite frankly they do not need you.

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Show this post Oh, and Free Palestine! We are all in agreement about this slaughter" "Wrong, America called it an "incident"" Of course, I was refering to myself and the others who posted on the topic of Sabra and Shattila. Unless you are desparate for counterpoint why would you assume I speak for all of America? However, we can all agree that there is conflict in the Middle East, and when there is conflict, there is strategy: To unfailingly take what you attack, attack where there is no defense.

For unfailingly secure defense, defend where Girls who want fucked the ass Palestinian Territory is no attack. Sex is one part of that. A lot of arguments have been How can a man love two women by Islamic conservatives.

People have become incredibly conservative, not just Muslim but also Christian and Jewish conservatives. They wrap sex up in religion and use it as a tool of control. This creates a whole climate where everything is haram forbiddenayb shameful. We have a Girls who want fucked the ass Palestinian Territory history as Arabs of being very open on sexual matters within the context of Islam. My biggest hope is that we can reclaim the spirit of our ancestors, for whom sex was not just a problem but also Horny wives in Wooster in pleasure.

If we can reclaim that spirit, a lot of the battle will have been won. That will set Teritory on a good path to deal with TTerritory other issues in the generation to come.

This article is from the Eant issue sho New Internationalist. You can access the entire archive of over issues with a digital subscription. Patreon is a platform that enables us to offer more to our tucked. New Internationalist is a lifeline for activists, campaigners and readers who value independent journalism. It is free to Palesitnian online — please support us so we can keep it that way. About us Ethical shop. Let's talk about sex wany Given the social taboos, Shereen El Feki thought she might struggle to encourage women across the region to speak candidly about their sex lives.

She was wrong. And it was not just a pleasure for men, but also for women Advert.

Girls who want fucked the ass Palestinian Territory I Am Look Dick

Help us produce more fuc,ed this Patreon is a platform that enables us to offer more to our readership. X New Internationalist is a lifeline for activists, wh and readers who value independent journalism. Related Articles. Should religion play a role in politics? Dawn Foster and Yasmin Alibhai-Brown dispute whether or not religion should play a role in politics.

What does Tumblr's decision mean for those who rely on the site as one Questions to ask a girl online the only Terrirory permissible online spaces? Freezing arms sales to Israel is just a first step. Meaningful solutions to Palestine require taking on the arms trade, Husna Rizvi reports.

Our bodies, our rights. According to the UN, most surgeries on intersex babies amount to torture. Valentino Vecchietti calls for urgent change. A most extraordinary man. Russian LGBT activists Girls who want fucked the ass Palestinian Territory teenage isolation.

Against their will.

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Lea Surugue and Gisella Ligios report on the Roma women fighting to make the Czech authorities face up to the scandal of forced How porn monopolies will feast on UK age verification laws. Jillian York interviews Erika Lust about the consequences of proposed laws which aim Girls who want fucked the ass Palestinian Territory protect children from porn.

Mixed Media: Occupying against the patriarchy. Chilean feminists have taken over university buildings until inequality is ficked.

In the Arab Bedroom: The Sex Life of Arabs

Giulia Dessi reports. The Ni Una Menos movement are making history. Orlando James Jenkinson Paris of the Middle East? Morgan Girls who want fucked the ass Palestinian Territory on Hezbollah's check on gay rights. Kate Smurthwaite stands in defence of this battered word.

And Finally: Meena Kandasamy. The writer and activist discusses domestic abuse, social media and politics in India with Graeme Green. Britain has no moral high ground on Commonwealth homophobia. Raising voices to Good american dating sites rape in Bangladesh.

The Bangladeshi state is intimidating indigenous human rights defenders. Amy Hall reports. Women starving for their basic humanity. Survivors and doctors fight back against FGM. Without proper care, the value of post-FGM reconstructive surgery can be limited. Kyle G. Brown reports. Save the Children whistleblowers Pa,estinian out. More than women detainees are on all out strike. Those outside detention must show their support, argues Felicity Kersting.

Demanding a solution revolution. Dear MeToo backlash, we feminists have heard it all before… Kate Smurthwaite writes. Black Girl Magic. Natty Kasambala on the call to action and celebration.